The Misuse of Technology

The misuse of Technology by K-12 students will significantly shape new laws, regulations, and the future integration of technology in an educational environment. In this new technological age, administrators have found it difficult to charge students who commit cyber-attacks via the Internet. This adding to the fact that teenagers are being criminally charged as sex offenders younger and younger. Mostly for taking and sharing nude pictures. There are also new technologies emerging every year, bringing along with them new problems. Cybercrimes including cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, the creation of fake profiles, blogs sites, and social networking sites are being used to propagate their opinions about other students and school administrators.


There is a new generation of computer users that have never known a life without technology. This new generation is a very social group of communicators who use the internet, social media, blogs, and forums to stay connected. Some of the more educated of these groups are classified as super users. Unfortunately, some parents find it virtually impossible to monitor all of their children’s activity on the internet. This new social culture is testing the boundaries of free speech, out-of-date School District Policies, and the lack of legislation regulating juvenile crimes executed on the internet. I have also heard stories of children who have been harshly affected by cyberbullying. This group of computer users is also using technology in a way that is innovatively immature. Most attacks are committed through cellphones and outside of school. It has also been stated that the female users are more brutal with these cyber-attacks then the male users. You can notice the mass presence of younger users on most social internet sites, and there will be more joining in the future.

Despite schools having bullying sexual harassment and other policies, they are having trouble disciplining students for actions committed at home using the internet. The First Amendment and the think standard laws allow for students to get away with a variety of disrespectful, rude, and malicious behavior by law. Several states have responded by making state laws against cyber harassment and cyber bullying. I have also witnessed a lot of bullying campaigns launched to combat these types of problems. Other parents have started petitions and protests due to their children becoming victims of cyber crimes. Facilitating what seems to be just the beginning of a domino effect in the united states.


Cyber-bullying, Cyberterrorism, and other Cybercrimes will be stacked along with other domestic threat regulations if the states don’t act first. Laws like net neutrality, TSA Protocol, and national security may be voted for with other legislation that will significantly affect the future of the IT field in the USA. The possibilities of mass internet regulation are the next significant change that can massively shift the directions of all in the IT industry. These changes will affect the standards for its security of technology and the ways users are verified to obtained access. ISPs might be forced to be held liable for the content they allow users to upload and share. Along with the new threats of ISIS reciting US citizens over the internet, our government may be tempted to classify cyber crimes under a new classification like cyber terrorism.

If school officials and State legislators continue to press the issue, new laws will be made that apply to all internet users alike. This threat; along with the increasing talk of net-neutrality, gun control, and cyber terrorists, may lead to a universal law regulating all internet crimes. As new computer users flood the internet by the thousands, our societies police are out of date for the fast-paced data environment our children are becoming accustomed too. Students will continue to test the dynamics of technology, and the computer industry will be forced to adapt. Parents, lawmakers, and our government will have to work together to solve the problems at hand. It will be up to the new computer programmer; as to how these changes will affect the how they approach new projects. The state may have to hire a new division of police to investigate youthful cybercrimes. Today it is unclear as to which extent changes will affect the IT culture.


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